The Godhead: the Greatest Love Story Ever Told!

21 Feb

The 7th Seal ~ “Mother of us all”

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God….Jerusalem…mother of us all, Revelation 8:1,2; Galatians 4:26.

Music: Sweet Holy Spirit


1. Overview and Trinity

2. Made in IAUA’s image

3. Translation Problems

4. “Jerusalem, Mother of us all”

5. Daughter of Jerusalem; Key of David

6. Song of Solomon and Mary, a Surrogate

7. Virgins

Overview and Trinity

We are made in God’s image male and female. Genesis 1:26-28; 5:1,2. Paul wrote, “the invisible things of [God]…are understood from things that are made,” Romans 1:20.

Just as a worm can become a butterfly, God is able to assume the form of the Spirit that can be everywhere, and “Jerusalem which is above is the Mother of us all,” Galatians 4:26.

Cities are named for persons and there is a “family in heaven,” Ephesians 3:15. Christ is the only begotten Son, John 3:16, but the Daughter of Jerusalem “is the only One of her Mother,” Song of Songs 6:9.

2 Kings 19:21,22 and Isaiah 37:22,23 show that She (Daughter of Jerusalem) was blasphemed. Blasphemy is a sin of speaking against God. And the next morning, 185,000 Assyrians were dead outside the city. She was God. Do we worship God? God is One in the sense that He is all loving, wise, good and has one purpose, but the word for “one” in Deuteronomy 6:4 is echad and it means a combined unity, just as the evening and morning make one day, and a man cleaves to his wife and becomes one flesh, God is also a combined unity, echad.

To say that God is male only may contribute to abuse of wives worldwide by men who do not know that their wives are also made in the image of God. We now consider a view that helps our respect for half the human race.

The first 2000 years of earth’s history ended with a Flood for those who rejected the Father. The 2nd 2000 years ended with a rejection of the Son. And if we finish the 2000 years since the cross by rejecting the Holy Spirit (of Truth), it will be trouble for us.

As numerous churches came from the mother church, they made various reforms, but the doctrine of the Trinity, boasted by the papacy as the foundation of all their belief, has not had much scrutiny by mainline Protestant churches.

There are seven references to “Daughter of Jerusalem” in Hebrew Scripture; some imply Deity as we will see. This information does not fit the classic doctrine of Trinity. We’ve been conditioned by more than a millennium of papal teaching. The papacy even made war on three Arian kings that didn’t accept its Trinitarian doctrines, Daniel 7:24. The imagery of a woman is used to represent a church; a pure woman represents God’s church, an impure woman represents a false church. The Bible calls the impure woman “the Mother of…Abominations,” Revelation 17:5. The word “trinity” is not found in Scripture.

Made in IAUA’s Image

Seven is God’s signature. Truths emphasized seven times in Scripture are truths for end-time. From page 1 in the Bible “God [Elohim is the plural form of “God” in Hebrew and it has a feminine base, Eloha]…God said:

1. “Let us make man in our image,

2.  after our likeness

3.  So God [Elohim] created man in [Their] own image,

4.  in the image of God created [They them]

5.  male and female created [They] them….

6.  In the day that God [Elohim] created man, in the likeness of God made [They them]

7.  Male and female created [They] them,” Genesis 1:26,27; 5:1,2.

Hebrew Poetry

God did not need to tell us we are “male and female,” that is obvious. Scholars say the above is typical of Hebrew poetry, not with rhyming sounds, but with parallel ideas. Genesis 1:27 is an example. “Male and female” tells us how we are made in ‘Their’ image. If we are male and female and in ‘Their’ image, they too, are male and female. We were made in the image of God who also has hands and feet [Exodus 24:10,11], a mouth [Numbers 12:8], a heart [Hosea 11:8], and “the hair of His head was white as snow,” Daniel 7:9. Christ said, “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father,” John 14:9.

Paul says, The invisible things of (Him)…are clearly seen, being understood from the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead,” Romans 1:20. There is no Greek word for Him; it is supplied by translators who wrote what they understood from traditional teaching, but from the context of the Godhead, it should be Them. This says we can understand the invisible Godhead from the things that are made, male and female.

Young children can understand that father and mother, boys and girls, are all made in the image of a heavenly Father and Mother, but learned theologians have difficulty understanding this.

Translation Problems

The Hebrew words for God are El, Eloah and Elohim. El is masculine.  Eloah is the feminine form that is correctly translated “Goddess.”  Strong’s and Englishman’s Concordance both show Eloah, not El, is the root of Elohim, the plural word for God used 2605 times throughout the Old Testament.

We have been misled by Bible translators whose views were shaped by Catholic doctrine of the Trinity. The Greek text has no male pronoun to support these italicized words:

The Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it sees Him not neither knows Him: but you know Him; for He dwells with you and shall be in you,” John 14:17.

Using a concordance, you will find no “him” or “he”—there are no Greek words to support “him” or “he” anywhere in Scripture for the Holy Spirit, but translators added the “he” and “him.”

Honor your Father and your Mother”

The first table of stone had the commandments showing our duty to God. In Jewish liturgy, the first table included “Honor your Father and your Mother…”

Paul reminds us that “Jerusalem which is above is the Mother of us all,” Galatians 4:26. A city cannot be our mother, but Jerusalem is named after Her, just as Washington, Lincoln, or Jefferson are cities named as a memorial for people.

The Name of the Holy Spirit

We have learned the names of the heavenly family—first the Father, then the Son, now the heavenly Mother. This enables us to do what Christ said in His parting words: “Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,”  Matthew 28:19.

In the end-time, we are in danger of having a vain religion with empty words if we fellowship where they say, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost,” yet Their names are not known, used or appreciated.

IAUshua was telling us that we need Their names, but in our ignorance we’ve been slow to understand. We’ve seen Her name is Irushalem (there is no “J” in Hebrew; translators substituted J’s for yods which, as vowels, had the “ee” sound). Our heavenly Mother is personified in Proverbs:

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding; exalt Her and She shall promote thee; She shall bring thee to honor, when thou dost embrace Her; She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory shall She deliver to thee; take fast hold of instruction; let Her not go; keep Her, for She is thy life,” Proverbs 4:7-9,13.

God could have spelled everything out in the first few chapters of the Bible, but He wants us to “read between the lines,” as searching for hid treasure. When Isaac asked where the lamb was for a sacrifice, Abraham said, “God will provide Himself a lamb for a sacrifice,” Genesis 22:8. Abraham, the father of the faithful, typified God because he was willing to sacrifice his son as the Lamb for our sins. From Moses to IAUshua, there is much between the lines of Scripture that we have missed. Could there be more? Yes, there’s more! Who of us could claim that we fully comprehend even one verse of Scripture?

Paul refers to “the whole family in heaven,”  Ephesians 3:15.  A family is defined as parents and their offspring.

Just as a man would like to have a son to bear his image and name, God has given women similar instincts:

Jerusalem has a daughter, the “Daughter of Jerusalem… Daughter of Zion,” who is the Holy One in 2 Kings 19:21,22 and Isaiah 37:22. These texts support that She, too, is Deity…

Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, had destroyed every other army and was now mocking Israel’s God at the gates of Jerusalem. Israel’s king, Hezekiah, was afraid; he dressed in sackcloth to appeal for God’s help and he sent Eliakim to the prophet Isaiah for counsel. Note the return message via Eliakim concerning Sennacherib…

The daughter of Zion has despised thee, and laughed thee to scorn; the daughter of Jerusalem has shaken her head at thee, Whom thou hast reproached and blasphemed,” 2 Kings 19:21,22.

Blasphemy is a sin of speaking against God irreverently; the Daughter of Zion, the Daughter of Jerusalem was saying Sennacherib blasphemed Her. This is a clear statement that She is God. And She proved it; the next morning there were 185,000 dead Assyrians outside the city!

Eliakim, the messenger, must have understood Her role as Deity, and evidence suggests this is a key: “The key of the house of David will I lay upon his [Eliakim’s] shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open,” Isaiah 22:20,22.

This “key of David” shows up again in Revelation 3:7 where the Holy Spirit opens the door to the Most Holy Place for the church of Philadelphia [brotherly love]. The Most Holy Place was where the Ark was kept; it represented the throne of God. Those who have this understanding can, by faith, see that we are made in IAUA’s image, male and female. Reverence for the image of God in women is a deterrent to abuse or sexual sin that plagues the papacy.

We quote the text, “he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him,” Hebrews 11:6. We should also be able to read it, “he that cometh to God must believe that She is, and that She is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Her.” It may bother us at first, as if we are adding something; but it was the translators who added the “he” and we see clearly we are made in Their image, and the root word used most often for God is feminine! Rabbis regard the Shekinah, the Holy Presence dwelling in light over the Ark in the Most Holy Place, as feminine.

Song of Songs

Scholars say the Song of Solomon is one of the least understood books in the Bible. They forget that as Israel’s wisest king, Solomon typified Christ, and he was reflecting the spiritual truth of Christ’s love for His Sister to whom He is betrothed: “Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled,” Song of Songs 5:2. The Holy Spirit [His Sister, Dove] descended at His baptism, Matthew 3:16, and will be His Bride when He comes, Matthew 25:6; 22:2; Revelation 19:7. “My spouse,” is found six times in the Song of Solomon and suggests Their betrothal in heaven, the blossoming of a love born in eternity

The LORD possessed Me in the beginning of His way, before His works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning….When there were no depths, I was brought forth [child birth, Strong’s Concordance]…Then I was by Him, as one brought up with Him: and I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him,” Proverbs 8:22-30.

Christ and His betrothed loved each other in heaven, but They put marriage on hold and covenanted to save us when our first parents sinned. She spoke of Her love for Him—”Tell me, You whom my soul loves, where You feed, where You make Your flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turns aside by the flocks of Your companions?” Song of Songs 1:7. She would have preferred to be with Him in heaven, but would not leave us orphans [see John 14:18, margin]. She stayed with us, the flock. This is the greatest love story ever told!

Mary a Surrogate?

The most popular verse in the Bible says, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son,” John 3:16. Traditional teaching has numbed us to the meaning of “begotten.” The Greek words are mono [only or one] and genes [genetic, generate, procreated]. He could not be the Divine Son of God if He were not begottenheaven is filled with angels that the Bible calls “sons of God.” Adam was a son by creation, and fallen man by adoption, but IAUshua is the only begotten Son.

For IAUshua to be the same Divine Son on earth as He was in heaven, it would seem that He needed to have the same genes. The Bible teaches He was begotten by the Father and “that which is conceived in [Mary] is of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew 1:20. This suggests Mary was a surrogate, a concept now well understood. She provided flesh and bones, a human nature so Christ could be hungry, thirsty, tiredHe took not on Him the nature of angels, but the seed of Abraham,” Hebrews 2:14. He “was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin,” Hebrews 4:15,16. This information does not suggest that a male Holy Spirit had sex with Mary or impregnated her, but that a fertilized egg was implanted in her womb.

Christ had no advantage that we cannot have. He was born of the Holy Spirit from birth. We may be born again and receive the Holy Spirit. Christ went to heaven and She is the one who says, “I stand at the door and knock.”

In the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man,…girt about the paps [Greek word is mastos, female breast] with a golden girdle…the seven candlesticks…are the seven churches…I stand at the door, and knock…hear what the Spirit says to the churches,” Revelation 1:13, 20; 3:20,22.

When we give our lives to Them, the Holy Spirit comes and abides in us to “guide [us] into all truth,” John 16:13.

Nowhere does Christ say the Spirit is male. He implied to the contrary, but some translations mislead us with the word “comfortless” in John 14:16.  Christ is male and has begotten us spiritually, but would not leave us “orphans[the Greek word is orphanos].  He left us the other [female] parent and She nurtures us as mothers do:

The Spirit also helps our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself [Herself because the Greek is only neuter] makes intercession for us with groanings [of heartbreak when we sin] which cannot be uttered, Romans 8:26.

Further support comes when we consider that the messenger [pastor] to the last of the seven churches is said to be blind and naked. Naked means the loins are not girded with truth, Ephesians 6:14. Why does the “True Witness” who is outside knocking say we are blind? We’re blind because we don’t recognize who’s knocking…She, “girt about the paps” [mastos, female breast] is the One walking among the candlesticks [churches] in Revelation 1-3.

The words “he” and “his” in Revelation 1:14-18 were added by translators. There are no Greek words for “he” or “his” in these texts.

Some forms of nature, like a caterpillar later becoming a butterfly, may help us understand the Holy Spirit’s ability to assume bodily form as well.

New Covenant Promise

Those who go to Israel when God “gathers [us] out of all countries” will get a double portion of the Spirit as Christ had when He was baptized. “A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you…and cause you to walk in my statutes, and you shall keep my judgments, and do them. And you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers,” Ezekiel 36:24-28.

It is easier to believe we are made in Their image if we understand that Jerusalem is the name of the Holy Spirit, and that She is “mother of us all.” Through history, She has identified closely with God’s people so that, speaking of the end time when the New Covenant is fully active, SheJerusalem shall dwell safely [with us] and this is the name whereby She shall be called the LORD, our righteousness,” Jeremiah 33:16. If Jerusalem were only a city, it would not be called “the LORD.” “She” is used in AKJV.

God’s Name is a Clue

The letters of God’s name, yod, hay, vav, hay may be understood to represent each member of the heavenly family. The yod means hand and represents our heavenly Father reaching out to save us. The hay means window and represents the Holy Spirit MotherJerusalem is Her name, Galatians 4:26. The vav means hook or nail and represents IAUshua who was nailed for us.  The second hay represents the “Daughter of Jerusalem,” first mentioned in 2 Kings 19:21, Isaiah 37:22, also called Daughter of Zion and the Holy One of Israel. She is IAUshua’s Bride.

This information suggests that Christ’s parables on the marriage [the 10 virgins in Matthew 25:1-13, the King’s marriage for His Son in Matthew 22:2-12, and His return from the wedding in Luke 12:35-37] all involve us as participants. We are invited as guests or attendants to the marriage. While in a spiritual sense we may be wed to Christ, the guest model suggests there is also a “bride.”

“The Spirit (Mother) and the Bride (Daughter) say, ‘Come,” Revelation 22:17. Would we be inviting ourselves to our own wedding? The New Jerusalem city is like a wedding gift He has prepared for Her and us!

The King’s Daughter

The king’s daughter is all glorious within,” Psalm 45:13. *This cannot be speaking of any humanour righteousness is as “filthy rags,” Isaiah 64:6. *The margin refers to Revelation 19:7,8the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His Wife has made Herself ready.” She is the King’s Daughter! As Jacob worked seven years for Rachel, it will be 7,000 years before the consummation of the great controversy and Their marriage.

She is the Shekinah, the Presence of Light on the mercy seat of the Ark in the Most Holy Place representing the throne of God. “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy,” Hebrews 4:15:16.

May God heal us from viewing women as sex objects. Christ said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (and not be destroyed), Matthew 5:8.

If we understand that we are a part of the heavenly family that is not some queer arrangement [male Father, male Son, male Holy Ghost, with no feminine counterparts] we may have the boldness of Hebrews 4:15,16.

Throughout history men’s egos have blinded them to many things. The papal view of an all- male Godhead is an example. God’s crowning act, they say, was His creation of man. But women could easily argue that in the line of creation from fish and birds to mammals and man, Eve came last and was made out of better material than man!

Isaiah’s vision of a celestial feminine Deity could be a reason for his response, “I am undone,” Isaiah 6:5. Accepting the possibility of feminine Deity may be necessary for us to receive a vision of God as Isaiah did. “He that comes to God must believe that [S]he is,” Hebrews 11:6. There is no word for “He” in the text. We believe He is; we should also believe She is!

The confessions of God’s servants in Scripture when given a vision of Deity include an admission that they were unclean. Christ said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” For a man who is not pure to see a loving, kind, beautiful woman would be sin for him if he wrongfully desires Her. We must be pure in heart in order to live in Their presence and not be consumed with lust. We should join David in his prayer, “Create in me, O God, a pure heart…” Those who stand in God’s Presence will be pure.

To aid in a quest for purity, a vegetarian diet without the cholesterol, grease, blood or hormones favors better health, mental clarity and control of sexual desire. The diet that God chose for Israel in the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land, even though He could [and once did] provide for them flocks of quail, it otherwise did not include flesh. This was for health and also for self-control.

Virgins” Revisited

Speaking of His return, Christ said, Elias truly shall come first and restore all thing,” Matthew 17:11. Elijah was translated without dying and he was also single, like John the Baptist and Christ.

The special group that receive the seal of His namethe 144,000 are also virgins in Revelation 14:1-5. They are privileged to follow Christ wherever He goes. How do we become virgins?

Paul wrote, “the time is short: it remains, that both they that have wives be as though they had none,” 1Corinthians 7:29. References in Scripture to a “short time” suggest application to the end-time, seven-years.

When a man has taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with any business: but he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer up his wife which he has taken,” Deuteronomy 24:5.

Horses in Bible times were for war. The four horses in Revelation 6 support this as a time for war.

Marriage disqualified one from battle (Gideon’s time) and battle disqualified one from marriage. (Uriah) They are mutually exclusive in the law. The end-time is a time of battle, spiritual warfare, not a time for marrying or having children. [Matthew 24:19].

Uriah, one of the noblest soldiers in the Bible was summoned from battle to see David who gave him leave to spend the night at home. He responded, “the servants of my lord are encamped in the open fields; shall I then go into my house, to eat and drink, and to lie with my wife?…I will not do this thing,” 2 Samuel 11:11.

All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given…there be eunuchs which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able, let him receive it,” Matthew 19:11,12.

Sin began when Adam chose Eve over God. We can make God first now. “Every one that has forsaken houses or brethren or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my name, shall receive an hundredfold and shall inherit everlasting life,” Matthew 19:11,12,29

The Big Picture

If we were to listen to the devil, we would get the idea that God is unfair in making a law that no one can keep, and then condemning us to hell for breaking it. Christ came to show us how to live. He kept the law and in dying, He offers to credit His perfect life to our sinful record. This supports God as loving us and being merciful, but it does not answer Satan’s charge of an unfair law, because maybe Christ had some advantage that is not available to us.

To answer these charges, God is going to stake the honor of His name and kingdom on a group of people who correspond to the “fit man” in Leviticus 16:21. They do not dishonor God by sinning at a time when things are at the worst. They are threatened with death. They endure hunger, weariness and delay, even living without marital love for the end-time period, much like Jacob was betroth to Rachel for seven years. We must patiently hold our tempers as we drag a balking goat that represents Satan away from the camp of Israel as the imagery in Leviticus 16 suggests.

Men, for the sake of earthly glory, have deprived themselves of the comforts of home and family, and have braved the elements, often risking their lives. Will we do it for Their glory? It will all be over soon, and what an amazing privilege to have lived for God! “To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with Me on My throne,” Revelation 3:21. AlleluIA!


Each day for the week  of Unleavened Bread, we’ve been considering topics that we don’t hear about in church because over the centuries, the Bible truths that we’ve considered that have a 7-fold emphasis, have been altered by church leaders who wanted to make it easy for us. This is why Christ saw the need of Elijah to come and “restore all things,” Matthew 17:11. We can have a part in that.

1. We’ve learned that God’s name is not “Lord” and the Lord’s name is not God. The tetragrammaton of the Hebrew letters, yod, hey, vav, hey, “consists of four vowels,” according to Josephus, and the best information we have on their pronunciation is ee-ah-oo-ah, represented as IAUA where the “I” has the international “ee” sound. These are the essential vowels for all languages. God is lending His name to us for any words we pronounce
let’s not take His name in vain!

2. We can marry Christ as Israel did [Exodus 19:5,6; Jeremiah 3:14] by making a covenant. Bible covenants were linked to 7’s, like the 7 ewes that Abraham gave Abimelech. We give God the things the Bible emphasizes 7 times as a mark of end-time truth, solemnly swearing to be His and faithful to these topics of covenant.  By making a covenant, we also become His kingdom, Exodus 19:5,6.

3. Kingdom means dominion of a king and He has dominion by His laws. These are summarized in the book of Deuteronomy which has been recommended to read, even as Israel heard the words and sealed to it in Nehemiah 9:38; 2Kings 23:2,3. The statutes and judgments are emphasized 7 times in Ezekiel 20:11-24 and are a focus of Elijah who is to “restore all things,” Malachi 4:4,5; Matthew 17:11. They were designed to guard the 10 Commandments as they reflect those principles.

4. The statutes also enjoin annual Sabbaths that were designed to teach truths in the plan of salvation. There are 7 “holy convocations” in Leviticus 23: the 1st and 7th day of unleavened bread; Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement and the 1st and 8th day of the Feast of Tabernacles. We saw that the month is indicated by the thin crescent in the western sky after sunset. That evening and the next day is the New Moon Day. Then there are six days to work before the
7th day is the Sabbath. This may be reviewed about half way down the page at

5. Christ said, “I am come in my Father’s name,” John 5:43. If His Father’s name was Zeus, then they pronounce it right in Italy when they say, Yea Zeus, or Hey Zeus in Latin America. We say Gee Zus, but the best information, even encoded by Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Messianic prophecies, would be Yahshua, or as we have learned IAUshua where we consider the yod, hey and vav as vowels (#1 above).  Christ was a Nazirite and we considered the 7-fold blessing on Nazirites as an indication of God’s desire for us.

6. Seven times God told Abraham, I will give you this land. Paul said, “If you are Christ’s, you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise,” Galatians 3:29. In the end-time, when New World Order compels false worship [Revelation 13:14-17], we can have freedom to worship according to the Bible in the land of the covenant until Antichrist comes. We then may also expect deliverance from Christ who comes on the white horse of Revelation 19:11.

7.  Seven times the Bible says we are made in God’s image or likeness, male and female. The 7th Seal is about the Godhead, not a homosexual trinity as most churches believe. We looked at Biblical clues for the “Daughter of Jerusalem” who was blasphemed (a sin of speaking against God). The Song of Solomon is really about Israel’s wisest KingIAUshua and His betrothedMy Sister, My love, My dove, My undefiled,” Song of Songs 5:2. She is the one “like the Son of man…girt about the paps,” Rev 1:13. They have been betroth before our world began, and like Jacob was betroth to Rachel for 7 years, they are waiting for Their marriage 7000 years, and we can be part of the wedding! Rev 22:17. We also saw that the 144,000 are “virgins” and we looked at Bible support for being such or like Uriah who, in the time of battle, would not sleep with his wife. Paul said, “the time is short…[let] they that have wives be as though they had none,” 1Corinthians 7:29.  

It would probably be impossible for most people to read the above links and get it all the first time, so don’t feel bad to revisit often along with your reading of Deuteronomy, Chapters 4-32.

Once familiar with this material, the reader is encouraged to make a solemn vow to IAUA, asking for His Spirit to bless, guide, teach and protect us through the end-times, to the intent that we can live for God and represent His character of love and mercy as well as truth and judgment.

Here are some summary points on this topic:

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” Prov 25:2

The identity of the Holy Spirit has been well-concealed, but is now revealed as truth for this time.

“ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God, it is profitable for instruction,” please ask for the Holy Spirit as you consider a few passages here; capitalization not found in KJV is used for clarity.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” Prov 25:2.

Here are 12 points that have been well-concealed, but revealed by some excellent students of Scripture. “ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God, it is profitable for instruction,” please ask for the Holy Spirit as you consider a few passages here; capitalization not found in KJV is used for clarity.

  1. Why is Jerusalem called “the Mother of us all”? Gal 4:26 (Hint: Cities are named for people)
  2. The “Daughter of Jerusalem” was “blasphemed” in Isaiah 37:23. Blasphemy is speaking against God. Was She God? (Hint:185,000 Assyrians were dead outside Jerusalem the next morning!)
  3. Wisdom is personified in Proverbs 8:24 where She is “brought forth” before Creation and “brought up with Him…daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him,” verse 30. (Hint: A Sister for Christ?)
  4. “Open to Me, my Sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled.” Songs of Songs 5:2. (Hint: Song of Sol is not about him, but the true King of Israel whom he typified. It is Christ who is speaking and He says, “My dove, my undefiled is but one; She is the only one of her Mother.” S.S. 6:9.
  5. She was the dove that descended on Him at His baptism, and spoke through Him when He said, “I will not leave you orphanos (Greek word mistranslated comfortless), I will come to you.” Jn 14:18. If we aren’t left orphans, She’s the other spiritual parent making intercession, “groanings” Rom 8:26
  6. Catholic theology has Mary as co-redemptrix. This is the counterfeit for the true co-redemptrix.
  7. She shall be called the LORD our righteousness.” Jer 33:16. (Hint: there are NO male pronouns in the Greek New Testament. All “he” used in reference to the Holy Spirit is from Catholic translators.
  8. She is the one “like unto the Son of man…girt about the paps [Greek word, mastos, female breasts] with a golden girdle.” Rev 1:13, walking in the midst of the seven candlesticks (churches). “Let him that has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (7 times in Rev 2,3) Laodicea is “blind,” and cannot see Who is at the door. (Hint: breasts identify Her as feminine; not homosexual trinity)
  9. Like Jacob was betroth for 7 years before his marriage to Rachel, Christ’s marriage to His Sister, His love, His dove, His undefiled who was brought up with Him, daily His delight, has been put on hold as they involved themselves in our redemption. Their marriage will be consumated at the end of 7,000 years and we can be guests at the wedding where “the Spirit and Bride say Come.” Rev 19.
  10. In summary, “That which may be known of God is…understood from the things that are made, even His eternal power and godhead so that they are without excuse.” Rom 1:19,20.
  11. The things that are made are male and female. Four times in Genesis 1 we are made in Their image and likeness, once it says, male and female. Again Gen 5:1,2, in the likeness of God, male & female

The above topics take 7 days, corresponding to a biblical wedding of a week [Genesis 29:27]. The 8th day would be a Sabbath, and would be appropriate for reading any part of Deuteronomy 4-32 that hasn’t been finished and making a covenant. It is possible that God will bless those who are faithful in the Way that they know He is empowering them as promised in Revelation 11:3, or His power may await Pentecost (see 4th seal to review how to count it, about half way down). For Pentecost, a message will be posted at

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